There is a land where tradition becomes history. Valpolicella is a land of wine, art and culture. It stretches across the foothills of the Veronese Prealps, protected to the north by the Lessini Mountains and bordering Lake Garda to the west.

The morphologically varied landscape of Valpolicella is characterised by a range of valleys running from north to south from Verona, going from Valpolicella Classica to Valpantena and eastern Valpolicella. It is mainly hilly and dotted with vineyards which are traditionally cultivated using the pergola Veronese method, interspersed with cherry and olive trees.

The climatic and geological characteristics of the territory, which are unique and varied, are the basis of the great originality and character of its wines.

The main grape varieties of wines from the Valpolicella area are Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, from which excellent wines such as Amarone, Ripasso, Valpolicella and Recioto are produced.

Specifically, the Collis vineyards are mainly in the eastern Valpolicella area, dotting the Mezzane, Marcellise and Tregnago/Illasi valleys with lush, orderly rows of vines, expertly tended by the Group’s winegrowing partners, who have been handing down the secrets of vine cultivation for generations.