As we all know, summer menus become light; fruit, vegetables and cold dishes become the main focus of our tables and we prefer fresh, mineral white wines that accompany these flavours and delight the palate. Cantine Riondo presents Soave Doc Casalforte, pure Garganega grapes, from which a refined, dry, elegant and intense wine is made.

Cultivated in the east of Verona, in the area of Colognola ai Colli, the Garganega vines thrive on calcareous soil. This soil has unique characteristics that make it extremely fertile and an ideal location for the vines. The grapes are processed along a short and controlled production chain. They undergo a short, cold maceration, fermentation at 18° and then refinement on the lees at 8° for around three months.

The result is immediately recognisable. Soave Doc Casalforte is a full-bodied wine with pleasant acidity, savoury and mineral on the finish, with delicate aromas of white flowers and exotic fruit, excellent with fish dishes and grilled white meats.


Casalforte is the Riondo Winery’s premium line. Cantine Riondo is a subsidiary of Collis Veneto Wine Group, which brings together 2000 winegrowers from the provinces of Verona, Vicenza and Padua. From bottling to sales, the Riondo Winery selects the group’s best production for sale in six different product lines in Italy, Europe, the USA and Asia.

The high quality of Casalforte wines is demonstrated by the numerous national and international awards, which year after year honour the care taken in the vineyard by a staff of agronomists and in the cellar by a team of oenologists. The most awarded wines include Amarone della Valpolicella, Valpolicella Ripasso and Pinot Grigio delle Venezie.