The 2020 harvest of the COLLIS cooperative group: a difficult but happy balance between man's work on the land and in the winery, and a generous nature that is increasingly difficult to "tame".

A good vintage comes from good practices in the vineyard and a thorough knowledge of the vegetative cycle that allows agronomists to limit the effects of an increasingly tropical climate. The 2020 harvest of the COLLIS cooperative group can be summarised as follows: a difficult but happy balance between man’s work on the land and in the winery, and a generous nature that is increasingly difficult to “tame”. Thanks to precision viticulture, the plant can actually be managed more effectively, mitigating a climatic and environmental impact that is not always favourable.

Approximately two thousand partners are involved in the harvest, which involves a large area extending between the provinces of Verona, Vicenza and Padua, an expression of the great Veneto wine-growing tradition. Specifically, the pre-harvest season was particularly favourable from a climatic point of view, characterised by a fair amount of rain and not excessively hot weather, conditions which allowed the vines to develop gradually and regularly and gave the grapes a very good state of health. The harvest, from the earliest to the latest varieties, is taking place at an ideal pace for the correct processing of the grapes and, from a quantity perspective, production is in line with the average of the last five years. Gradations were also good and no quality deficiencies were noted in the winery, despite the fact that the second ten days of harvesting were marked by some severe weather conditions in some of the areas concerned.

Having completed the delivery of Pinot (Grey, Black and White) and Chardonnay, the harvest continued with the delivery of Glera (for Prosecco wine) and Merlot, while the delivery of Soave and the first Cabernet Sauvignon is underway. At the same time, the boxed grapes have been delivered to the drying lofts where they will rest for over two months before being made into wine. If the weather conditions do not become particularly bad, it will be possible to achieve the end of a harvest that will not disappoint the expectations of members and enthusiasts of quality Veneto wine.

The organisation of harvesting in the vineyard and work in the winery is being carried out with the utmost respect for the anti-Covid safety protocols, that require a different method of operation while not compromising delivery operations.