The new Brand Identity of Cantine Riondo starts with the values identified by involving all the staff, an important rebranding project commissioned by the new General Manager Gianfranco Gambesi as the starting point for a new direction.

Supported by Alessandro Garofalo, from Garofalo & Idee Associate, workers, employees and top management were involved in research during lockdown aimed at identifying the values naturally embedded in the company.

The values that gave rise to the new identity emerged with clarity, in a video story that explored the different facets of the company.

Energy, that of a young team motivated to achieve new goals, a sense of family belonging, in the willingness to help each other, collaborate and share, territoriality, due to the heartfelt link with origins that are rooted in the land, sustainability, a commitment that is not limited to promises but to specific actions in the field of circular economy, compensation and water recovery, simplicity, the result of the Kaizen philosophy followed in the company for many years, which, in a process of continuous improvement, optimises processes and activities.

The five values identified have given rise to a new brand narrative which, in a play of opposites and complementary elements, links the company’s history with its future, the slowness of nature with the speed of the process, the thousands of partners with a single family, the wide range of products on offer to a large, international audience. Always in the name of simplicity, of that true, authentic, natural being, which positions Cantine Riondo as a unique expression of the cooperative world to which it belongs.

The video also led to the creation of Cantine Riondo Spa’s new logo, a modern, contemporary graphic design, just as the company wants to be, an identity that affirms itself within the complex world of its parent company COLLIS Veneto Wine Group, a successful example of agri-food cooperative among the most important in Italy.

The new Brand Identity will take shape and be expressed in a website that will tell the story of the company over time, setting out the stages that have marked its growth, up to the wide range of products that can be purchased in the well-organised online shop.