” Enhance the work of the 2,000 members of Collis Veneto Wine Group with new outlets in emerging markets and optimise the business model with the opportunities offered to the large world of cooperatives’ declares the new General Manager, supported by President Claudio Tamellini.


53 years old, born in Verona and with a diploma in agriculture, Gianfranco Gambesi is taking over the helm from Luca Cielo, General Manager of Collis Veneto Wine Group. Having always been close to the world of agriculture and food, he began his career at Zuegg, a well-known producer of fruit juices and jams, before joining Casa Zonin in 2001 as Purchasing Director for the entire group. In 2010, he joined the newly formed Collis Veneto Wine Group, a second-level cooperative with various interests in the wine companies Cielo e Terra Spa, Casa Vinicola Sartori Spa and Cantine Riondo Spa. For these companies, he created a central purchasing office with the aim of gaining efficiency and profitability by rationalising and optimising costs. Since 2013, he has been overseeing the production and industrial restructuring of Cantine Riondo Spa, a rapidly expanding company owned in full by Collis, which primarily distributes the wines produced under its six different proprietary brands in Europe and overseas. In July 2019, he left his position at Collis to devote himself entirely to Cantine Riondo in the role of Deputy General Manager, moving quickly up the ladder to become General Manager in April 2020.

“For the entire wine sector it is a moment of great uncertainty, in which it is difficult to imagine what the future holds, but the determination and proactivity of the company, which has expanded in a short space of time arriving at a turnover of 44 million euros,” continues the President, “will guide us towards recovery and new business opportunities.

The priority now is to manage the ongoing emergency and, even before the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on 14.03.2020 between Confindustria and the trade unions, Cantine Riondo reorganised the work of all employees to ensure maximum safety: working from home when possible, use of holiday backlog, internal office movements, reasonable work shifts, protection against the risk of contagion.

“We are not just imagining the future, we are also working on new projects to illustrate the great world of cooperatives, support for small producers to discourage abandonment of the land, the importance of the supply chain and the effectiveness of a dedicated commercial organisation. An important Brand Identity project that, for Cantine Riondo, represents a new chapter for a different, more supportive, more sustainable, more authentic future”.